Make looking after yourself a priority especially being a mum

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I have four kids and I know how hectic and busy life can get. It can totally consume you to a point that you forget about yourself. When I was single with no kids I could indulge in going for hair treatments, getting my hair coloured every 3 months, getting my nails done every so often and going shopping for clothes every week. Well, things have changed a great deal once you have kids, the focus is on them now but I still believe in looking after myself. These are the things that I do to look after myself now.


  1. I have a morning routine of waking up ahead of the kids to give myself some quiet time to get organised for the day. I also do a little meditation in the mornings and after I brush my teeth and have my morning coffee.
  2. I still get my nails done but I do it myself now as it saves money and time as I can do it whenever I have some free time. The other thing about doing your own nails is it is more hygienic as I have read that some nail salons do not actually sterilise their instruments as well as they should be so you might be getting more than you paid for by getting some fungus or bacteria with your manicure or pedicure.
  3. I have a cup of tea when I have a short break while the kids are asleep having their afternoon nap. I find it so refreshing having a cup of tea as it gives me some time out. I am Sri Lankan so I love my tea.
  4. I still go shopping but not weekly anymore, however, I have become more conscious of what I buy and whether I really need it versus just wanting it.
  5. Have a spa day, pamper yourself, you could take yourself in to have a facial or a massage. I personally prefer to have spa day at home in the privacy of my home. I put on a mask after exfoliating and play some relaxing music, I also get my daughters involved and they love it.
  6. Have a relaxing bath at the end of the day. I put some Epsom salts in and some drops of my favourite essential oil like lavender. I always have an amazing sleep after a bath.
  7. Ensure that I have a good 8 hours of sleep as I know how hard it is to function on less especially now that the kids are not babies. When they were babies which was not too long ago I remember the sleep deprivation from all the night feeds, it can be very draining so all the mums with little babies especially deserve all the pampering that they can get.
  8. I also drink Brands Essence of Chicken every morning as I feel it gives me a boost of strength and energy to get through my day and also I very rarely get sick ever since I began drinking this, its awesome. It is also great for boosting your immune system.


Everyone has their own unique way of looking after themselves but I believe that every mum especially deserves to be pampered and as women, we must look after ourselves. You can’t pour from an empty cup, therefore to be able to care and love ourselves and our families we must prioritise looking after ourselves.





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