How cleaning helped me to bring in an abundance of wealth and prosperity


The main reason I wanted to write about this was that I started to realise that there was a pattern that was recurring and I just want to let you guys in on a secret of mine on how I have managed to clean my home to make way for an abundance of wealth and prosperity flow onto my home. Well the big secret is that upon reflection I had realised that every time I cleaned my home money was coming in from somewhere either I found money or it would come in the bank account or we would win something which was amazing.

You wouldn’t believe me if I had told you that I absolutely hated cleaning it was nothing more than a chore to me. But my perspective on cleaning has changed a lot considering all the benefits it has shown me personally I feel more calm and at ease when my home is tidy as I have 4 kids.

Benefits of a clean home

  • Easier access to finding things
  • Looks presentable pleasing to the eye
  • Less stress and less anxiety
  • Hygienic which translates to Healthier home for the kids and adults
  • Allows me to focus on more important stuff

Where to start cleaning?

I always like to start cleaning from the front door and work my way towards the end of the house. You can get kids to help clearing their toys as they go , vacuuming, clearing the table tops and putting things back where they belong. Once I have done that I move onto the kitchen, clearing all the dishes and giving the sink a good clean with some baking soda and vinegar. I also sweep up and mop the floors in the kitchen.

Next I move onto the bathroom, once everyone is done with the toilet I line it with toilet disinfectant and leave it til I am ready to clean so it has time to work while I am busy doing some other stuff. Cleaning the bathroom every few days helps to prevent buildup of dirt and mould, mildew so it makes cleanup easier and quicker too.

Then we move onto tidying the rooms same as the rest putting things away back to where they belong so there is more space. With 4 kids I tend to give a lot of toys and clothes away to donate either to Red Cross or Salvation Army so someone else can enjoy it once we can no longer use it.

I give all my counter tops and dining table a good wipe down with some Dettol anti-bacterial wipes and then I move onto placing my plants on them and I love lighting candles, it just gives my home a real cosy atmosphere. Put some music on make cleaning enjoyable cause you need to enjoy doing and soon it won’t feel like a chore.

I just love a clean home feeling.

You create your own atmosphere so you have to bring in little things that you love which will attract positive energy and let the wealth and prosperity flow into your home.

Its also good to have a small water fountain or I have a small fish tank which is so beautiful to look at but also brings in that positive energy and if placed in the correct position is good fengshui. Good luck with  the cleaning and hope to have more tips for you soon and remember a clean home will attract positive energy which will in turn attract an abundance of wealth and prosperity so clear all clutter and pave the way for receiving abundance in your life today.

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